New IRCTC Login | How to log in on NGET eTicketing System

New IRCTC Login on IRCTC website is same but with a little difference that you have to type a captcha field in addition to the IRCTC login name and password. Recently IRCTC's next generation eTicketing system website is inaugurated by minister for Railways Shri D.V.Sadananda Gowda. The new website is designed to handle the huge web traffic that IRCTC website is getting daily. It was becoming difficult to access IRCTC website during Tatkal ticket booking timing. It was also very difficult to access the IRCTC login form.
But the new website is fast and new IRCTC login form is accessible all the time for ticket booking. Now the new IRCTC login form looks like the below form.
New IRCTC Login Form
New IRCTC Login Form

New IRCTC Login Process

  1. The next generation eTicketing system of IRCTC is also available and accessible on same URL
  2. Open your web browser and type in the URL box and submit.
  3. You will find a new IRCTC login form just like above in the middle of the website. Type your registered user id in the user id field.
  4. New IRCTC Login User ID
    New IRCTC Login User ID
  5. Next you have to enter your password associated with the IRCTC Login User Id you have entered above. Carefully type your password and if you have forgot your password then you can get new one by clicking on forget password link on the IRCTC login form. You have to provide some details to get a new password.
  6. New IRCTC Login Password
    New IRCTC Login Password
  7. Now the new thing the Captcha entry. Now you have to type a given set of characters in the Captcha field. These set of characters are generated randomly and every user get a different set of characters. if you have problem in reading the characters you can press refresh button given along with the captcha characters to get a new set of characters. The captcha field allow only real human users to login the new IRCTC login form.
  8. New IRCTC Login Captcha
    New IRCTC Login Captcha
  9. Once you enter your user id, password and captcha correctly, verify the details manually yourself and if everything is correct then press IRCTC login button.
  10. New IRCTC Login Button
    New IRCTC Login Button
If you have provided correct details on IRCTC login form then you will be provided access to the plan my travel page of the new IRCTC eTicketing system.

New users can get user id and password by new IRCTC account registration, the Sign Up link is provided on the new IRCTC login form. If you liked the post then please like it share it with your friends and leave you comment, it will be greatly appreciated greatly.

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