IRCTC Login Problems and Solutions

IRCTC login problems are usual, as there is a huge traffic to the servers of the website during morning hours specially during Tatkal timings. There may be other reasons also that may preventing you from logging in to your account. Below is an attempt to list out the reasons which may be causing the problem along with its solution.
If you are facing IRCTC Login problem to log in to you account then you can follow these steps to log in to you IRCTC account.
  1. Always check that you are logged in to the secured IRCTC website
  2. Always remember your username and password.  
  3. You can reset your password but you can't reset or request your username from IRCTC. 
  4. Always maintain a single account, it will help you to remember your correct username and password all the time. And also maintaining multiple IRCTC account is against terms and conditions. 
  5. Enter your correct username and password.
  6. Both username and password are mandatory fields, so always check if you are not missing one of them. Most of time it happens that the password get typed in username field which is very unsecured as any one can see your password who is watching you while log in in to the website. 
  7. Always check that the case of the characters and special characters used in the password are typed correctly. 
  8. If you have forgot your password then you can reset it if you know the username, just click on forgot password link. Provide your correct username then click proceed button. A security question is asked from you, answer it correctly to get reset password mailed to you. 
IRCTC Login Forgot password
Forgot Password section on IRCTC login page

If the website of IRCTC not working then you can check IRCTC down status - IRCTC server down.

And if the site is up but you cant access the page, try one of the following solutions:
  1. Force a full refresh for the IRCTC website. You can do this by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)
  2. Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the IRCTC website. 
Otherwise you can contact IRCTC Customer Care 011-3934 0000 and explain your problem that you are facing with your account.
Also you can send an email to from your IRCTC registered email id clearly explaining the problem but always include the following details in your email.
  • User Id (IRCTC User Id):
  • Name (as given in your IRCTC account)
  • Address (as given in your account)
  • Date of Birth (as given in your account)
  • Mobile number (as given in your account)
  • Email Id (as given in your IRCTC account)
And within few hours you will receive an email acknowledging your complaint and within 24 hours you get an reply from IRCTC regarding your problem.

Hope this would have helped you to figure out your IRCTC Login problem. IF you have any suggestion or facing any problem to login IRCTC account, please leave comment below.

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