PNR Status | How to check PNR status of Rly reservation

Check your PNR status. PNR status is the current reservation status of a passenger. This status include many details about the passenger like train number, class of travel, seat/berth number etc. But the most important one is the seat/berth number, for which most of status inquiries are done by the passengers. You can check your latest PNR status on the basis of PNR number assigned to you by Indian railway or IRCTC at the time of booking of tickets.
Indian Railway IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry

What is PNR and PNR status?

Indian railway assigns a unique number to each passenger when a ticket is booked. The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record. This number is assigned to each and every passenger to maintain his/her details. Indian railways maintain these details for certain period of time. This helps the railway to process various refunds, to know the current status, to reply to various inquiries from other departments regarding the passenger etc., it means Indian railways identifies a passenger on the basis of his/her PNR. So, while traveling though a train, the PNR is most important. For example, it happens many time and often with most of people that their ticket is lost. In such case if you have an valid ID card and you know your PNR Number then that's enough for you to travel through the train, no one can prevent you from boarding the train if you have informed the loss of ticket to station master.

How to check PNR status?

To check your latest reservation status you need only your PNR number. Just enter PNR number in our PNR Reservation Status Check tool and get the status.

The detailed step by step process to check the reservation status is provided along with our easy and effective tool.

Why you should check PNR status?

PNR status enquiry is mostly done to know the latest reservation status of a passenger or a group of passengers, by group of passenger we means that the passengers who are travelling in a group with a common ticket like members of a family.

At the time of booking ticket most of people don't get a confirmed reservation when ticket is booked. Such passenger usually get a waiting list or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) number.
By waiting list Indian Railway, means that a passenger with a waiting list number has to wait until some one cancel his/her reservation. The waiting list passengers are not allowed to board the train until they have a RAC or confirmed reservation ticket. The waiting list number of a passenger decrease by one when some one else who booked a ticket before you with same train and same class, cancel a ticket. The wait list passengers are moved to RAC reservation status and then to confirmed reservation status. The PNR status update and the process continues till the chart is prepared.

By RAC Indian Railway, means that you get a confirmed reservation when some one else who booked a ticket before you with same train and same class, cancel a ticket. A passenger with RAC reservation status is allowed to board the train and is allotted a seat to sit.

So, now we know that the reservation status of a passenger is not stable until he/she gets a confirmed reservation status and therefore it becomes necessary for a person with Wait list/RAC ticket to keep on checking his/her PNR status.

Who can check PNR status?

Any one who has been allotted a PNR Number by Indian Railway and has a pending journey can check his/her status. To check the PNR status only PNR number is required therefore any one who has your PNR number can check your reservation status.

Where you can check PNR status?

You can check your reservation status with our easy PNR Reservation Status Check tool.

Otherwise you can check your reservation status on Indian Railway website, or at IRCTC website or at IRES (Indian Railway Enquiry System) website.
PNR status mobile facility is also available, you can check PNR status thorough SMS, to check PNR status via SMS send your PNR no to 139 and in return you will get your PNR status SMS.

If you face any problem to check your reservation status or have any other inquiry regarding PNR then please comment below.

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